If we take Miller Puckette’s 1996 publication* as the beginning of Pd, then 2016 marks its 20th anniversary. To celebrate this birthday with Miller and the Pd Community, New York University in collaboration with the Stevens Institute of Technology, will host the 5th International Pure Data Convention in New York City on November 16-20th, 2016. The convention is made possible by the generous support of the Washington Square Contemporary Music Society and New Blankets.

This is an exciting time for the Pd Community as we attempt to redefine the way in which we contribute to and extend Pd. Please consult the open calls for papers, works and proposals for submission procedures.

Looking forward to seeing you in New York,

The PdCon16~ Team

* Puckette, Miller. “Pure Data: another integrated computer music environment.” Proceedings of the Second Intercollege Computer Music Concerts (1996): 37­41.