Call for Papers


5th International Pure Data­ Convention 2016 ­~ New York

November 17-20th

Call for Papers

Following in the tradition of previous conventions, the 5th International Pure Data Convention in New York (PdCon16~) will feature several paper sessions. In custom of the previous conventions we invite you to submit papers related to the Pure Data programming environment in the fields of computer science, artistic creation, and scientific research. The papers will be rated according to academic standards such as novelty and relevance in a blind peer review process. Each paper will be reviewed by 3 reviewers and programmed either for a paper session or for a poster session.

The Pd community is a heterogeneous group of users, developers, authors, artists, musicians, programmers; often in more than one role at a time. Papers from widely divergent perspectives are encouraged. Some possible topics could include:

  • Libraries and externals extending Pd
  • Tools built in or for Pd
  • Education
  • Spatialisation
  • Pd on mobile devices
  • Pd embedded in games and applications
  • Pd as a framework for audiovisual works

Paper Templates (LaTeX, Open/LibreOffice) will be provided on the Convention’s website for final submission and publication. Paper and poster session schedules will also be published on the main website, which you should check regularly for important dates and announcements:

The conference is held in English, thereby papers should be in English. The length of a paper should be 4-­8 pages, including an abstract (50­-100 words) and up to 5 keywords.

Please follow directions in the following page to submit a paper.


Deadline for submissions: Monday August 22nd 2016

To submit a work, please fill out a submission form at Easy Chair:

In the abstract field in the submission form please enter the text you want to appear in the website and printed program. (150 words max.)

All submissions must be digital and anonymous. Every submission has to contain a “.pdf” document with all of the following:

  • Page 1: Extended abstract of the paper. (1 page long, no author name)
  • Page 2: Links (you might want to send links to software or video demos of the techniques developed in your paper).
  • Page 3+: Optional full length paper even in draft quality to obtain better feedback from reviewers. (no author name)

By submitting a paper to PdCon16~, you agree to the following:

  1. The intellectual, sound, and/or video material I play or present at the conference is entirely my own work and does not infringe any copyrights. In no case shall PdCon or its organizers be responsible for copyright infringement as a result of (dis)playing or performing my work.
  2. I agree that my paper presentation may be recorded and streamed once or several times in compressed format on the Internet, during, and/or after the presentation.
  3. Any materials I send to PdCon16~ will not be returned.
  4. I will receive no fee from PdCon16~ whether my paper is presented, printed, or not.
  5. I recognize that the committee’s decision is final, and waive my rights to legal action regarding the committee’s decision.

Download Call for Papers Poster: HQLQ