Workshop and Performance Opportunity: November 19th, 09:30-12:30 & concert at 14:30. NYU. Room 220.

  • Dark Circuits performance with Hans Tammen.

Workshop 1: November 16th, 14:30-17:30. Stevens Institute of Technology, Room: K390

  • Pierre Guillot: Spatialization using Ambisonics

Workshop 2: November 16th, 15:30-17:30. Stevens Institute of Technology, Room: M201

  • Max Neupert: Live A/V sync and sampling with Pd and GEM

Workshops 3 and 4: November 17th, 14:30-16:50. Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Chris McCormick: lolPd: a DSL for list and table manipulation (Room K390)
  • Ivica Bukvic: Rapid Prototyping in Music, Maker, and Robotics Scenarios using Raspberry Pi and Pd-L2Ork K12 Module (Room M203)

Workshops 5 and 6: November 18th, 12:10-13:30. New York University

  • Agoston Nagy: Sonificating Data with SodaLib (using Pure Data and OpenFrameworks) (Room 320)
  • Popesz Csaba Lang: Use your face as interface (Room 120)

Workshops 7 and 8: November 19th, 12:10-13:30. New York University

  • Dan Wilcox, Chris McCormick and Daniel Iglesia: Mobile Music Workshop (Room 320)
  • Alexandros Drymonitis: “Modular Synthesizer” Workshop (Room 120)