Installing Raspbian, Pd, wiringPi

1. Installing the operating system in your SD card. Download and decompress NOOBS image as outlined here. Copy it into the sd card. Run the pi and choose raspbian, it will then install. This will probably take a while.

2. Updating Raspbian. Open the terminal and run the command “sudo apt-get update”. this will probably take a while depending on your internet connection. Once it is done, do “sudo apt-get upgrade”. This will also take a little while.

3. Installing Pure Data.  Run “wget” on the terminal to download the file and then decompress with “tar xvzf pd-0.45-4.rpi.tar.gz”. You might want to watch out for newer versions of Pd as they become available (0.45-4 is the current version as this is being written). If wget doesn’t work go to Miller Puckette’s Pd website and download a pre-compiled Pd for Raspberry Pi and then extract it to you home directory (/home/pi).

4. Installing wiringpi library: Follow instructions here.