14-S Synths in Pd

Synths, Samplers, Drum Machines, Effects
Processors, and Beyond: Programming in Pd

Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Music Department, NYU, Spring 2014
Instructor: Jaime E. Oliver La Rosa, la.rosa@nyu.edu
268 Waverly, Office 266F
Mondays / Wednesdays 10:45am – 12:15pm @ 365


Synths and basic Pd functionalities

Week 1w: Basic functionalities of Pure Data: Slides, Patches

Week 2m: The Control Layer Patches, Exercises, and Solutions

Week 2w: Digital Audio, Sampling, and Sound Waves. Patches, Exercise and Reviews (read pages 7-10 in the FLOSS manual, also consult section 3.1.1 of Loadbang)

Week 3m: Controlling amplitude: Line Ramps and a Simple envelope. Patches and Exercises (Read section 3.1.2 of Loadbang)

Week 3w: Adding Waves and Spectral Fusion. Patches and Review. Getting a midi keyboard… (Read section 3.2 of loadbang)

Week 4m: Holiday, no class

Week 4w:  Connecting a midi keyboard.

Week 5m: Wavetable Oscillator, Classic Waveforms, and spectra. Patches.

Week 5w: Filters and subtractive synthesis. Patches. (Read this section from FLOSS, and this one from Loadbang)


Week 6m: minimoog patches


Here’s my Minimoog patch from week 7…

Spring BREAK

Week 8m: Frequency Modulation

Week 8w: Here’s the patch we did for a polyphonic fm synth: polyphonic fm synth (new objects: poly, route, $0 messages)

Samplers and Drum Machines

Week 9m: loading-samples, and the patch for the polyphonic keyboard sampler we did today. (new objects: soundfiler, spigot)

Week 9w: Here is our Sample-Step-Sequencer from class.

Week 10w: Here is our  drum-machine from today. We’ll finish it on wednesday… Study the patch!

Week 11m: A bit more about textfiles…

Week 11w: Here is our final drum machine. I added a few things for you to spot.


Week 12m: Delays, Loops, Chorusing, Echo, and Pitch Shifting

Week 12w: Amplitude Modulation, Waveshaping, Filtering, combining modules…

Week 13m: Here‘s our Vocoder from class.

Week 13w: NO CLASS.

Week 14m: 

Week 14w:

Week 15/16: Final Projects


Loadbang book by Johannes Kriedler.

Pure Data FLOSS manual