Graduate: Spring 2015. New Media Workshop: Sound, Image and Gesture Interactions. MON 3-5pm + additional workshop times /  Jaime Oliver – Course Page.


Graduate: Spring 2014. TUES 12:30 – 2:30 + additional workshop times. Graduate Composition Seminar: Focus on Interactivity / Elizabeth Hoffman & Jaime Oliver – CoursPOSTERe Page (Call-for-proposals)

Undergraduate: Spring 2014. M/W 10:45-12:15. Synths, Samplers, Drum Machines, Effects Processors, and Beyond: Programming in Pure Data (Pd) / Jaime Oliver – Course Page

Graduate: Fall 2013. Computer Music Techniques: DSP / Jaime Oliver

Undergraduate: Fall 2013. Expressive Culture: Sounds. Technology and Music in the 20th and 21st Century. College Core Curriculum (MAP) – MAP-UA.730.010 / Jaime Oliver