14-S Interactivity

Techniques of Music Composition
MUSIC-GA 2162 – Spring 2014, Tuesday 12:30-2:30, Room 365
Profs. Elizabeth Hoffman and Jaime Oliver La Rosa

Syllabus, Calendar

Week 1: Introductions and a few papers.

Week 2: Interactivity in the 80’s papers.

Week 3: Interactivity in the 2000’s [more papers coming soon]. Journals: Computer Music Journal, Organised Sound, eContact. Resource page: EARS.

Week 4: Guest Roger Reynolds

Week 5: Adam Mirza and Adele Fournet present @11am in Rm. 220.

Soundscape references: H. Westerkamp, Andra McCartney, Truax: Aesthetic-Place Paper, Annea Lockwood. Other pieces dealing with Place: Jean Claude Risset’s Sud, Luc Ferrari’s Presque Rien, Annea Lockwood’s A Sound Map of the Hudson River,

Link to Transducer to acoustically activate resonant objects.

Week 6: Adam Mirza and Joe Pfender present @12:30 in Rm. 220.