24.Sep.14 Katja Vetter @ NYC Patching Circle @ NYU

By | September 19, 2014

Katja Vetter presenting and performing @ the NYC Patching Circle

WHEN: Wednesday, 24th, 6:30PM

WHERE: NYU Music Department 24 Waverly Place, Room 220, NY 10003

Waverly Labs will be hosting the NYC Patching Circle for the first time…

Brief words by/about dutch artist Katja Vetter: Coming from a background as carpenter and musical instruments maker, I feel most attracted by the sounds of tangible things. Digital signal processing techniques allow to analyze and manipulate acoustic sounds, and that’s how I got into electronics. My dsp framework of choice is Pure Data, for it’s open source and lovely community. I’m still more a maker than a player, and like to share experiments and experiences with others. I can spend long days on Pd programming, talk about it for hours and share pages full of documentation. Little time left for music! But my rare minutes of live performance tend to be a sweet eccentric surprise.

The New York City Patching Circle is a free alternating monthly meeting and salon open to anyone who is working or interested in media programming and audiovisual performance. We mostly use Pd and Max/MSP, but all are welcome.

Beginners and Experienced welcome. Open to everyone, students, the public, unicorns. Work on personal projects, professional projects, school projects, ask for help, help others, or just patch quietly to yourself in a room full of other people patching patches and helping other people patch.

Each month there will be informal salon, featuring demonstrations of projects, performances and systems in the process of being built.  The format will include short performances, artist talks about process and performance techniques and Q&A depending on time availability.  The salon is openly curated with the intent of being as inclusive as possible and participation is open all practitioners working in realtime media.

For those of you who can not attend the Patching Circle, we will be experimenting with streaming, you will be able to watch the stream and chat (through Facebook so remember to set the posting to “only me”) here: thedepartmentofpublicworks.com