8.Oct.14 Valérie Gabail on her current Documentary on The Rite of Spring, ritual and primitivism.

By | October 6, 2014

WHEN: Wednesday, October 8th, 5PM ////  WHERE: NYU Music Department Room 320 (24/32 Waverly Place, NY 10003)

Film-maker and Producer Valérie Gabail will be talking on her ongoing work shooting and producing a documentary film about The Rite of Spring and the concepts of ritual and primitivism in contemporary dance.

Access the synopsis here. A longer description (CNC) is available here.

VALÉRIE GABAIL Film-maker / Producer

Valérie Gabail started her career as a professional classical musician and since 1995 she has been performing as a soloist. She is recognized and specialized in baroque music amongst other disciplines. Moreover, Valérie has been passionate very early about stage direction and cinema since she became artistic co- worker in 2008 for the Montalvo-Hervieu dance company. In 2011, she shot her first film, a dancing fiction about The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky. Then, in 2012, she took a film directing course at the Ateliers Varan and created a short-film, Table Rase, focusing on addiction and abstinence into the Aubervilliers’ therapy community. Documentary film became that central in her work she went into partnership with two other authors and film-makers and founded the Compagnie Surimpressions. To complete her knowledge in this field, she attended courses about documentary production at Lussas Festival School. She is now shooting and producing a documentary film about The Rite of Spring and the concepts of ritual and primitivism in contemporary dance.

FILMOGRAPHY: 2011: The Rite of Spring, dancing fiction (33’) 2012 :Table Rase, documentary (22′)


Founded in 2013 by Valérie Gabail, Etienne Aussel and Guillaume Delacroix, three authors and filmmakers partners from the Ateliers Varan, the Compagnie Surimpressions is a documentary film production company. The Compagnie Surimpressions’ objectives are to give the opportunity to meaningful and ambitious projects to exist and to be a place where ideas can convey around shared aspirations. The company was created from an independent and passionate film-lovers’ idea. It tends to put down roots into formal and mature commitments so as to sollicitate spectator’s mind thanks to the form and the contents of films. The two new documentary film projects of the Compagnie Surimpressions focus on The Rite of Spring and the concepts of ritual and primitivism in contemporary dance, which is supported by the Igor Stravinsky Foundation whilst the second film project deals with the Sikh community in Italy.