24.Nov.14 NYC Patching Circle presents: Nate Crepeault + Eric Barry Drasin

By | November 14, 2014

WHEN: Monday, Nov. 24th, 6:30PM ///// WHERE: NYU Music Dept. 24/32 Waverly Pl., Rm. 220, NY 10003


Nate Crepeault:  Nathan Crepeault, graduate of New York University’s music theory and composition program, is a Computer Music Performer, Max/MSP Programmer and Bassist.  Exploring boundaries of Real-time sound performance, Nate has engineered a comprehensive set of tools, plugins and hacks to reimagine the Bass guitar as an all encompassing compositional instrument. He uses Max for Live to augment Ableton Live’s capabilities as a live looping tool, alter the functionality of his control surfaces, and tastelessly mangle any and every sound that might come across his workstation. Many of these max4live devices have been released through Bit Voltage, a company he founded in Austin.  Nate has been teaching and releasing Max for Live devices through Bit Voltage since his arrival from New York City in early 2011.  He performs under the moniker “Deferlow” and is on Reconstructiv, a Texas-based IDM label.


Eric Barry Drasin: Eric Barry Drasin is a Brooklyn-based artist, musician and curator working at the intersection of digital media, performance and installation. Rooted in the Expanded Cinema tradition, his work explores the relationship between composition, interface, performance, score, and synesthetic audiovisual systems.  Eric is the Cat Lady (primary organizer) of the “Fast Food Collective,” a Real-time Video Art Collective based in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Eric will be presenting “The Secret Soup” which is a realtime system for improvised audiovisual composition. Referencing audiovisual synthesis techniques, custom digital interfaces control LFO waveforms and looper with 1:1 audiovisual counterpart. The Secret Soup has been realized as solo audiovisual performance, immersive interactive projection mapped installation, gallery installation, and as a score for intermedia performance ensemble.

The New York City Patching Circle is a free alternating monthly meeting and salon open to anyone who is working or interested in media programming and audiovisual performance. We mostly use Pd and Max/MSP, but all are welcome.

Beginners and Experienced welcome. Open to everyone, students, the public, unicorns. Work on personal projects, professional projects, school projects, ask for help, help others, or just patch quietly to yourself in a room full of other people patching patches and helping other people patch.

Each month there will be informal salon, featuring demonstrations of projects, performances and systems in the process of being built.  The format will include short performances, artist talks about process and performance techniques and Q&A depending on time availability.  The salon is openly curated with the intent of being as inclusive as possible and participation is open all practitioners working in realtime media.

For those of you who can not attend the Patching Circle, we will be experimenting with streaming, you will be able to watch the stream and chat (through Facebook so remember to set the posting to “only me”) here: thedepartmentofpublicworks.com